The BrandGarage Summit is an invite-­only gathering designed to increase collaboration between the Fortune 500 in retail, CPG, media and the technology industry.

 For two amazing days in California’s wine country, executives share insights, experiences and strategies on innovation models, partnerships, M&A and investment through small discussion groups, presentations by industry leaders and social activities (wine tasting, hiking, cooking class). 

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Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn
100 Boyes Blvd
Sonoma, CA 95476

Date & Time

October 3, 2018 - 7:30 AM 

October 4, 2018 - 12:00 PM


Oliver Roll



Shruti Kothari



David Hornik



Gina Bianchini



Mark Silva



Shannon Gordon


the boardlist

Phillip Raub


b8ta, inc.

Charlene Li



Marcelo Pascoa



Eric Wilker



*Committee Member

Nicole Bacchus



Oren Jacob



Chris Palmer

new BUSINESS innovation


Sandy Kimura

Evp, Growth Strategy

Rakuten usa

Jon Shalowitz



Joshua Garrett


Creativity IncorporateD

Nathan Holmberg



Eric Allen



Tyler Bell



Erika Parkins


ESTÈE Lauder

 Jason Tolkin



Corey Treffiletti



*Committee Member

Jessica Sklar

Partner / cso

machine shop / linkin park management

*Committee Member

Peter Horst


CMO inc.

*Committee Member

Christine Koppinger



Tom Mastrobuoni




Wednesday, October 3

7:00 am

Breakfast & Networking

8:00 am


Mark Evans -  Managing Director, BRANDGARAGE

8:15 am

The Disruptor's Agenda

Charlene Li -  Principle Analyst, ALTIMETER,  A PROPHET COMPANY

“Disrupt or Die” has been the rallying cry for decades, but what does it actually mean to be disruptive, to make it the center of your strategy? In the end, a disruption strategy must make choices that drive exponential value creation and have behind it the alignment, leadership, and culture able to execute that strategy. Charlene will share findings based on research from her next book as well as her work with clients and executives on how to be on the winning side of disruption.

8:45 aM

Creating Your Own Story

Oliver Roll - SVP, Chief Communications Officer, CISCO

As we all look to the future to stay ahead of the pace of change, how will you shape the path ahead for your own life and career? What do you want your future to hold, and what changes do you need to make to get there? Oliver will take you a on a storytelling journey to help you find your soul work, live for yourself, focus on what matters most and maybe even work a little bit less in the process.

9:15 aM

Reinventing the Board of Directors (Diversity and Innovation)

Shannon Gordon - CEO, THEBOARDLIST

We've retooled virtually every part of our organizations to address disruption in business - our teams, our software, our marketing strategies and how we go to market.  But when did we last revisit how we manage our companies at the board level?  How can we be sure we have the skills, the diversity of perspective, the processes and the conversations required to best serve as board members?  We'll discuss board best practices through the lens of diversity and inclusion.

9:45 aM

Morning Break

10:00 aM

Beyond Innovation Theatre: New Models & Lessons Learned

As companies watch the proliferation of new technologies and startups disrupting virtually every industry, they’re searching for newer, more innovative solutions to combat competitors and successfully compete in a rapidly evolving business world. In this session we’ll discuss many of the innovation initiatives corporates have rolled out over the last few years and examine how effective they’ve been and what the future holds for them.

Christine Koppinger - Global AR/VR Innovation Lead, NESTLÈ
Chris Palmer - New Business Innovation, STEELCASE

Erika Parkins - Director of Strategic Partnerships, ESTÈE LAUDER

Moderated by: Mark Silva - Founder & CEO, KITE

10:30 AM

When Worlds Collide (Need, Discovery, Trust) 

David Hornik - Partner, AUGUST CAPITAL

Silicon Valley has long operated as a sole innovator --inventing technologies that produce new businesses and industries. Its foundational technologies and innovations are now part and parcel of the DNA of every industry and the time has come for these two distinct entities to work together to create a better future for all of us. 

11:00 AM

Breakouts: Culture, Leadership & Innovation

The Future of Marketing is AI (Augmented Intelligence) - Jon Shalowitz - CEO, LIFTIGNITER
How human creativity and tech are colliding to make for better marketing and consumer engagement & experiences.
During this breakout session, we'll discuss the technological advances in marketing from the old way of profiling for personalization to artificial intelligence leveraging machine learning and why the future of marketing is augmented intelligence, which is the ultimate partnership of machines and humans working together.

Digital Transformation Stories; Success and Failure Mark Evans - Managing Director, BRANDGARAGE
Innovation can easily be stifled in a risk-averse corporate culture. How can executives identify and nurture innovative ideas with programs and obtain buy-in across teams and from the c-suite?

What are the lessons we can learn from our recent past – corporate innovation 1.0 and how do we evolve and create new strategies to drive innovation in our businesses?

What’s your innovation story?
What are your lessons learned along the way?
What are new strategies for driving innovation in your company?
How do you get top-down support for innovation programs?
How do you foster internal alignment?
Do you lead or follow in your industry?

Harnessing the Voice of the Consumer to Drive Innovation - Nicole Bacchus - Product Research Lead, Live , INSTAGRAM

Driving product and business model innovation entails a deep understanding of unmet customer needs and clarity on the job your product or service can uniquely perform to meet those needs. But what are the right inputs, channels, and processes from which to derive this insight? We’ll explore and discuss ways of unearthing actionable insights to drive incremental and transformational innovation through the lens of social media, data analysis, research, and beyond.

Rethinking Leadership in an Age of Disruption - Charlene Li - Principle Analyst, ALTIMETER,  A PROPHET COMPANY
As a decision maker in your organization, how do you lead in turbulent times? What's at the center of your strategy? We'll discuss and share experiences on internal alignment, leadership, and the culture necessary to execute on your strategy. 

Entrepreneurial Engagement - Mark Silva, Founder & CEO, KITE
A discussion focused on how brands engage with entrepreneurs. How do you build a robust and enduring relationship with entrepreneurs and the startup community. How do you set the right expectations with startups on working together? How do you foster support for engaging the entrepreneurial community within your company?

12:00 pM

Lunch & Networking

1:00 pM

Voice is the Next OS: Are You Ready?  

We are at a tipping point. No longer do we need to understand the language of machines. They can now understand our language. No longer do you need to be trained in how to use a software or the UI of a new platform. You are starting to simply talk to the system and train it to do things on your behalf. The operating system of the past was based on what you had to type. The operating system of the future is about voice, and the ability to speak to machines to create action. Voice activation is all around us. Alexa and Siri and Cortana are just a few. They are all one element of a more complex voice-activated user interface and no single one of them is going to rule your entire world.  In a few year's time you will be speaking to a myriad of “assistants” or interfaces. Each one will do what you need them to do, and soon enough they may even talk to one another. Let's discuss this topic and what it means for your brand. Let's see what it means for you as you try to engage with your consumers…

Tyler Bell - Product Lead, Voice Initiatives - ROKU
Joshua Garrett - Vice President, CREATIVITY, INC.

Oren Jacob - Co-Founder, CEO, PULLSTRING

Moderated by: Corey Treffiletti - Chief Marketing Officer, VOICERA

1:30 PM

Next Gen Leaders 

Shruti Kothari - Director of Strategic Engagement, KAISER PERMANENTE VENTURES

How do you cultivate the next generation of corporate leaders? Shruti Kothari, one of these next gen leaders, will draw on her personal experience, moving across industries from community mobilization to venture capital – sharing lessons learned, and providing insights on what new gen leaders need to be successful.

2:00 PM

Conclusion Day One

3:00 pM

Social Activities

7:00 pM

Reception & Dinner

Thursday, October 4

7:00 am

Breakfast & Networking

8:00 am

Welcome Back

Mark Evans -  Managing Director, BRANDGARAGE

8:15 am

The World has Gone Niche. Have you? 

Gina Bianchini - CEO & Founder, MIGHTY NETWORKS

The next generation of consumers are described as much by their interests, passions, professions, habits, and goals as they are by their age and location. In a world where both technology and culture not only enable narrower and narrower definitions of self, but celebrates and expects them. How do we as practitioners approach building new products, manage new campaigns, and delivering on what it means to be customer-centric? In the conversation, we’ll pop up and take a bird's eye view of the trends and practical realities driving us to a world of navigating millions of different, unique niches, and strategies around how to use them to unlock new and exciting opportunities, whatever your mission and mandate happens to be.

8:45 am

Burger King: Thinking Like an Entrepreneur; Taking Risks & Driving Innovation

Marcelo Pascola - Global Head of Brand Marketing, BURGER KING

Marcelo will take us through his personal journey across industries (agencies, CPG, QSR) and how he's arrived at the notion and belief that taking risks and being bold in the corporate world is a better strategy than staying the course and hoping for the best. He will discuss his experiences as it relates to disruption, innovation and leadership and how he's now leveraging these in his role at Burger King.

9:15 am

Welcome to the Valley: Big Brands and Entrepreneurial Engagement (beyond curiosity)

We'll discuss how brands are approaching and engaging with Silicon Valley today versus the past. What's changed since the death of corporate innovation 1.0; an era of big brands descending upon the Valley in hopes of quickly and cheaply absorbing new ideas from a culture that thrives on risk taking and tolerance for failure. We'll explore the ways in which brands are currently connecting with the Valley through relationship building, collaboration, partnerships and a more refined approach to entrepreneurial engagement.

Tom Mastrobuoni - CFO, TYSON VENTURES
Sandy Kimura - EVP, Growth Strategy, RAKUTEN USA

Moderated by: Mark Evans - Manging Director, BRANDGARAGE

9:45 Am

Morning Break

10:00 Am

Startup + Enterprise Partnerships: A Conversation With Founders

For a better understanding of how to work well with startups, we're bringing in seasoned founders for their POV on what a successful partnership looks like, what traits they look for in an enterprise partner, techniques they've developed to ensure success with large enterprise partners, how they handle typical obstacles and more. Important note: this conversation will engage everyone in the room, so be prepared to share and contribute.

Eric Allen - EVP, Growth Strategy, LISNR
Nathan Holmberg - Co-Founder & VP, Product, THEMATIC
Phillip Raub - President, B8TA, INC.
Jason Tolkin - Co-Founder, HYP3R

Moderated by: Mark Silva - Founder & CEO, KITE

10:30 AM

Closing Remarks 

Mark Evans -  Managing Director, BRANDGARAGE

11:00 Am

Event Concludes 

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

We’ve secured hotel rooms at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and will be providing shuttle service from our hotel to all venues.

To secure your room please contact Sue Gordon at  619-464-1230 or email for further booking assistance.





"The BrandGarage Summit was awesome. It's really hard to create the right conditions for sharing and transparency. BrandGarage mashed-up the right people, the right challenges, and the right environment to create the kind of conditions to really connect."

–  David Butler
  Global VP, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Coca-Cola

“The BrandGarage Summit was one of the best events I’ve attended in years. There were many high-profile c-suite execs to connect with and learn from. I highly recommend being part of the BrandGarage network;
I will stay involved with the group for years to come."

– Nic Vu
SVP & GM, N. America, adidas group

"The BrandGarage event was fabulous. A great venue with the right environment for connecting with others from a variety of industries, but shared challenges.”

– Ruth Dawson
SVP, Comcast NBCU Innovation Labs

Join us in October

Attendance to the BrandGarage Summit is for Senior Executives Only
Passes to the Summit are $1,495 per person

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